Clear Water Solutions has provided water treatment solutions throughout the Okanagan Valley for 10 years. We provide AquaMaster water treatment systems from Hague Water. Our water softeners were recently ranked number 1 in Canada per the region of  Waterloo Residential Water Softener Performance Study. You can download the study by clicking here. The WQA Gold Seal assures our products have been tested and validated by the Water Quality Association. This validation assures all electrical components are UL or CSA listed and all components in contact with the treated water are NSF listed or FDA approved.

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We offer Water Softeners, UV Water Sterilization, Reverse Osmosis, Iron and sediment filters. We have installed our systems across many applications including residential, dairy and chicken farms, breweries, commercial, industrial, and mining camps. Our diverse background and equipment allow us to treat any water situation large or small.

For every job we offer a free water analysis. This ensures your water is tested properly. If we have any concerns with our on site results, we will take your water sample to CARO Analytical Labs for further analysis.

Our systems can be designed for small jobs at 50 gpd up to large jobs at 20,000 gpd of water. Clear Water Solutions offers top of the line equipment, all jobs are engineered with proper equipment the first time. Most of our equipment is in stock and we offer quick and correct results. We can also repair, and service most brands of water softeners.

If you are experiencing any  issues with your water we can create a  system to soften and purify your water. Common water issues include: chlorine in “city water”, hard water, sediment, iron, H2S odor, or tannins in “well water”. We have a solution for your problem.