When you are in need of a water softener in Vernon BC for a small space you should work with a company that tests your water and provides you with the equipment that is tailored to your water needs. The water that comes into each home can be very different from home to home. It is important to get a water treatment system that is tailored to your water. Most water treatment companies will just provide the same solution for every home, regardless of the water situation.

Clear Water Solutions in Vernon provides customers with water softener systems that match the water that comes into their home. We have a variety of equipment to meet all water needs, and also we have equipment that fits in the all space situations. For example the Aqua Master home guard 400 is perfect for tight spaces like under a mobile home or park model.

Here is a video of an installation we completed recently where the customer had a lot of issues and the only place they had room for a treatment unit was under their park model.

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