What We Do

Provide Okanagan clients with filtered & purified water, no matter what the source.

Residential Services

Okanagan residents are fortunate to have plentiful aquifers . However, with those come the potential for high mineral content, bacteria and odors. Clear Water Solution has fix. We’ll start by testing your water for the following chronic problems:

This provides us with a starting point for treatment and a basic understanding of the mineral content of your incoming water supply to prescribe the correct solution.

Commercial Services

From livestock farms to breweries, we provide custom designed solutions to every project. No matter your water source, we have a solution for you. We’re knowledgeable when it comes to your water and how to get the most from it. Water distillation, water filtration, water purification, and reverse osmosis are common water treatment. Providing a water analysis, your building specifications, and your water chemistry will assist our technicians in providing you with a complete water purification system to make your water the best tasting water it can be.

Industrial Services

We understand that running your business is your top priority, so we make your water quality ours. Clear Water Solution has a proven reputation for water solutions that tackle industrial client’s unique application needs, cost-effective solutions that improve your operational efficiency, Licensed and knowledgeable Technicians, excellent service and impeccable workmanship

Expert design solutions allows industrial water to comply with the rigid standards of the industrial sector.

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