Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems

UltraViolet water purification is the most effective method for disinfecting bacteria from the water.

UltraViolet (UV) rays penetrate harmful pathogens in your home’s water and destroy illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA). This is extremely efficient in eliminating their ability to reproduce. Disinfecting your water with Ultraviolet light is exceptionally simple, effective and environmentally safe.

UV systems destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals or changing your water’s taste or odor.

UV water purification is usually used with other forms of filtration such as reverse osmosis systems or carbon block filters.


Chemical Free: UV purification does not use any chemicals like chlorine or leave any harmful by products.

Taste & Odor Free: UV does not add any chemical taste or odor to the water.

Extremely Effective: One of the most effective ways to kill disease-causing microbes by destroying 99.99%.

Requires very little energy: Uses about the same energy as it would to run a 60 watt light bulb.

Low Maintenance: Set and forget type of system, just change UV bulb annually.

UV light is a natural process and does not produce harmful chemicals in water. It’s a safe, effective and environmentally friendly disinfection method that is widely used for residential and industrial applications around the world.

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If you are on a well system you are responsible for the safety of the water you and your family drink. You should test your supply for bacteria at least once per year and other contaminants at least every three years — more under certain conditions. To be on the safe side we recommend UV sterilization for all well water. It is up to you to make sure your family is protected from disease causing bacteria if you have a private well.

This compact line of ultraviolet disinfection system is ideally suited for point-of-entry filtration.


Viqua UV Water Disinfection – Sterilight UV Disinfection


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