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Hi Richard - we don’t have access to social media - and I promised to let you know how things were going - - so please forgive my long-winded email. You are welcome to use as much or as little on your testimonial page - at your discretion. I was experiencing skin issues with our home water, which is Vernon city provided. In short - I had a red, itchy dry rash that extended from the back of my upper thighs down to my knees as well as hot spots on both the front and back of my torso. It was sore and I found that my clothes rubbing on the skin (like when I went for walks) irritated the rash even more, so it was sore most of the day. Showering was very quick because as soon as the water hit my skin - - it stung - similar to having a hot shower with a very bad sunburn. Using our soaker tub was out of the question. Richard from Clear Water Solutions Inc. recommended the AMS950 Aquamaster that would both soften our water as well as remove the city water additives (ie Chlorine) from our household water. I was a bit skeptical as this unit is compact (we had limited space in the utility room) and I was concerned that it would either slow the flow of water in our house or would not alleviate my skin issue. Richard was confident that it would help with my skin and would not impact our water pressure. Richard installed the unit in the morning on May 8, 2018. That day, I did a small laundry and ran the dishwasher as I wanted to get as much of the untreated water out of the hot water tank as possible. That evening I had a shower. Without a word of a lie, it was the first time in weeks that my skin did not sting as the water hit the back of my legs. Fast forward to May 18th - - - the rash has totally disappeared. ALL of my skin is clear. The unit, although compact, is removing whatever additives and particulates in the water that was causing the rash and our water pressure inside the house has not been affected - the pressure is as strong as ever.
Richard, I want to thank you for your recommendation and for your prompt and professional installation. RegardsL. BemisterThank you Loretta for getting back to me.. I am so glad your skin issue is resolved..Regards,Richard

Fast, friendly and efficient service to install an exceptional product. The difference in our water is phenomenal! Thanks Richard!Shelly

Reaction Action

Today we almost had a huge insurance disaster... our water filter went on the blink and my son called me and told me we were having a flood... I called Richard and within 20 minutes he was there and fixing the problem. I have had this water filter since 2011 and it was installed by Richard and serviced every year by Richard... There is nobody in the water industry like Richard.... Who do you call when you need good water.... Richard Pelletier... he is the man....

Lucky someone was home..

by Solomon Simmons on Clear Water Solutions Inc.

I have a dug well that is pretty bad.High iron,turbidity,coliforms,ect. Richard gave me a straight forward appraisal of what was needed to make our water potable. Prices are very reasonable and service was second to none. If your looking for a good guy who has a lot of experience with filtration, Richard is your man.

Thanks Solomon..

by Ian Stewart on Clear Water Solutions Inc.
Great Service

I have had an older water softener in my house since I bought it 10 years ago. I have dutifully filled it with salt over the years but still had calcium buildup on my fixtures and have gone through 3 dishwashers since I moved in. My 4th has started to give me problems lately. I gave Richard a call last Friday after Googling his company and he was at my house within half an hour. He tested my water and had a solution for me within 10 minutes. I had a new water softener (about half the size of the old one and much more efficient)installed and running the same day. He even upgraded some of my water system plumbing and did not charge me anything extra. I could feel the difference in the water immediately. I will recommend Richard to anyone asking me about water systems. Thanks Richard!

Thanks for the positive feed back Ian..

by O'Grady Family on Clear Water Solutions Inc.
O'Grady Family Upgrade

We wanted to upgrade our water softener and put in a tankless RO system. After hearing great reviews about Richard from the distributor we went for it. We are glad we did. The install was great Richard let us be part of the process explaining as he went and even upgrading fittings to ensure many years of trouble free operation. The result we have the softest chlorine free water and state of the art RO System that uses 50%less water and takes up 50% less space. Thanks again Richard.

Thank you.... It was my pleasure... Richard

by Your Local Farmacy on Clear Water Solutions Inc.
Filtration installed and working great!

We needed to install filtration for our farm, greenhouse, wash station and home on our organic farm. Richard has been so very helpful in installing chemical free systems for us. Our main issue was a high iron content, which he has fixed 100%. As well he installed a UV and softener system so that our veggies are cleaned with the best and safest water possible.

In our greenhouse he installed an iron filter to treat our farm well water so that we would not have issues with our seedlings in the greenhouse, and it was installed successfully, even with our custom setup. Everything is growing wonderfully now!

I would HIGHLY recommend Richard from Clearwater Solutions for any of your filtration needs, big or small. His work is professional, he gets things done quickly and efficiently, and his prices are very competitive.

Thank you very much Nevin..It is always a pleasure coming out to the farm..Richard

by Richard Versteeg on Clear Water Solutions Inc.
Site filtration installation

We required a full new install of a site filtrations system for our facility. Richard acquired the permits and worked very well with Interior Health to make sure we were up to the required standards. Richard was professional and provided an exceptional service and I did not have to worry about anything it just got done. Richard thank you for your help and continued efforts to maintain our water filtration system.

Thank you for choosing Clear Water Solutions for your Filtration System.. It was a very interesting project..

by Stu Dicastri on Clear Water Solutions Inc.
Great Service !

Richard at Clear Water Solutions is fantastic to deal with, his knowledge on water systems and latest industry products is outstanding ! . Prompt professional service and reasonable prices make Richard are go to water guy. I recommend Clear Water Solutions to anyone with water challenges. Thanks Richard for all your help. Stuart DiCastri, Lambert Creek Organic Meats Ltd.

Thanks for the positive feed back Stuart.. It was a pleasure working with you on that project..

Richard is Great to Deal With!

It's really the people that make the company and Richard is wonderful to work with. He is personable, professional and easy to speak with regarding the products he covers. I particularly appreciated that Richard could take calls in the evening, as it's never in the middle of the work day that you remember something isn't working at home, but when you are in the thick of it at home. I would highly recommend Clear Water Solutions. We are excited to have an aquamaster and uv filtration system in place. Our research shows this is the best system, so we can rest assured we'll have good hair and skin for the holidays, not to mention safe, delicious drinking water.

Thanks Natrisha for the positive feed back.. See you next year or maybe we will cross paths on the LAX field.. Richard

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